Board of Directors and Committees

IAMIC Board of Directors

Board Member Biographies

      Tony Koehler - Chair              217.357-3961                       Kathy Bray - Chair-Elect       618.349.6335                           

      Chris Feldt - Vice Chair    618.233.2006                       Susan Miller - Sec/Tres            309-.523.2767        

Annie Kurth       815.369.4225                          Andy Gerlach   618.965.3477                  Jeff Likes  217.738.2621

Clint Huffstutler  309.372.4227                         Greg Keller     217.826.8096                    Gail Grawe      217.222.4848


It is because of the dedicated efforts of our many volunteers that we are a success. It is their tireless work on behalf of the association that makes our programs come together, our government relations efforts move and so much more. If you are interested in getting involved, we'd love to hear from you, click here to sign up. We'd love to have you move your membership in IAMIC to the next level.

Board of Directors

The purpose of the IAMIC Board of Directors is to oversee and direct the operations of the association and meets quarterly to discuss the issues facing the association. The board is made up of two directors from our Northern region, two directors from our Southern Region, and two directors at large. Directors serve for three year terms.

In addition, there are four officers - Secretary/Treasurer, Vice Chairman, Chairman-Elect and Chairman. All Officers serve for one year terms. The Chairman-Elect automatically moves to Chairman.

All officers and directors are elected at the association's annual meeting.

Do you have an issue that the Board of Directors should discuss? If so, click here to make a suggestion.

Committees & Task Forces   

We have numerous opportunities for members to get involved. Our committees/task forces currently include an Audit, Budget, Convention and Education Committees, in addition to our Government Relations, MAP (Mutual Assistance Program), Nominating and Public Relations Committees.

Board of Directors Government Relations Committee
Audit Committee IMPACT Society Members
Budget Committee Mutual Assistance Committee
Convention Committee Nominating Committee
Education Committee Public Relations Committee

Budget Committee

Kathy Bray -    Chair Elect
Susan Miller
Gail Graw
Andy Gerlach

Convention Committee

Tony Koehler - Chair

Chris Feldt/Ed Co-Chair

Jeremy Weaks/Ed Co-Chair

Deb Guether
Andy Gerlach
Becky Deters
Dan Young
Clint Huffstutler
Annie Kurth
Kathy Bray
Danny Johnston
Ben Leezer
Angel Minemann
Shane Pritchett
Jackie Rakers


MAP Committee

Mary Jo Robison
Karen Williams
Kelly Reagan
Bruce Pollock
Lyle Bruning

Audit Committee

Susan Miller/Chair
Gail Graw
Andy Gerlach

Public Relations Committee

Michelle Monier - Chair
Kathy Rice
Katie Smull
Wendy Tharp
Ann Jahn
Angel Minemannn
Sue Miller
Lori Dippel
Diane Molter

Tony Koehler

Jackie Rakers 

Education Committee

Chris Feldt - Co-Chair
Tyler Vancura
Dan Peeters
Jim Polish
Jeremy Weaks - Co-Chair
Jay Payan
David Windhorst
Jill Johnson
Beth Wingerter
Carl Beebe
Mandi Utley
Greg Keller
Mary Jo Robison
Clint Huffstutler
Angel Minemann
Tony Koehler



Government Relations Committee

Lyle Bruning - Chair
Tony Koehler-Vice-Chair
Jackie Rakers
Andrew Perkins
Evan Manning
Bill Gorski
John Cratty
Kathy Bray
Dana Chittick
Dan Young
Doug Schmitt
Andy Gerlach

Nominating Committee

Dan Young
John Cratty
Mary Jo Robison
Karen Williams
Andy Gerlach
Gail Grawe