2019 Company Achievement Award Winner Heartland Mutual



Peoria, IL - Heartland Mutual Insurance Company was presented with the Company Achievement Award by the Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (IAMIC) at their 138th Annual Convention in August. 

 This mutual has proven that they are a united team and that they work together to make the mutual a success.  Heartland Mutual is one of the most technologically advanced mutuals and the manager, Chris Feldt, has taught many classes to our members, as well as other state’s mutual members.

And then, Dec 7, 2018, happened.

During a 4-hour time frame, during a system upgrade and change in firewalls, a ransom attack hit this mutual and locked them out of their files. The entire mutual was inoperable.  

Chris states, “This is when the next level of teamwork really kicks in and shows its face. Right away they started working. We had employees working together to set up the office printers and other employees work on contacting our IT support partner while moving over to our in-house processing system to our new secure cloud server. You see – my staff began doing this without me even asking. I was traveling and not in the office, but they took charge. While the attack happened early in the morning, because of my staff’s actions, we were able to view our processing system and print some things before the end of the day. My team really shined on Dec 7, 2018."
The Board of directors supported every decision the team made along the way. Because of their proactive actions, they had an excellent Cyber Liability policy in place. Chris said, “I can’t and won’t take credit for what the team did in the hours right after the attack.”  As we read the nomination is was clear to see that because the mutual had trained employees, had protocols in place, had purchased the right coverage – this disaster was limited to the damage it caused.  While the team did great things that day and we want to give them credit for a job well done – we also want to acknowledge the Board of Directors and the Manager of this mutual for their forward-thinking efforts when planning for this type of issue. 

I think you will agree – they are all doing great things!