2019 Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

John Cratty from Svea Mutual

Peoria, IL - John Cratty from Svea Mutual was honored as the Volunteer of the Year for the Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies at their 138th Annual Convention in August. 

 As many of you know – Jackie underwent surgery in January to fix her shoulder. She was blessed with so many members not only asking “how can I help:” – but also stepping in to lighten her burdens. John attended meetings he didn’t need to be at, just so he could help her unload, set up, tear down and load it back into her car. This isn’t always a simple task – but he did it with that great big smile and the kindness that shines in his eyes. 

He has served on the GR committee for many years, joining us in Washington DC to be the voice of our industry. He is active in his Mutual and holds the Farm Mutual Director Certification. He served three years on our Board of Directors and is currently in our leadership role.

In addition, John has actively been working with our state and national lobbyist on issues the mutuals experience with the Public Adjusters contracts.  

The Volunteer of the Year Award originated in 2005 as a means to recognize those individuals who generously donate their time to the success of the association. The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to a person who serves as an example of volunteer commitment and leadership.  Congratulations John! Without the many volunteers, IAMIC could not function.   

"No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.  Thank you. "  ~Author unknown