I am sure we can all agree that our mutual Board of Directors and staff are integral to the success of the company.

Do your directors and employees understand their obligation to your company when it comes to conduct and confidentiality?

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                                           2019 Award Winners


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2019 LAUTUM Award Winner Dan Young

 2019 LAUTUM 
Dan Young with Executive
Director Jackie Rakers

 2019 Company Achievement
Heartland Mutual Insurance Co
with Chair, Mary Jo Robison
 2019 Volunteer of the Year
John Cratty with Executive
Director Jackie Rakers






As we prepare to set our clocks back for the winter months, do you ever wonder when daylight saving time was actually invented?

Many sources credit Benjamin Franklin as the "Father of Daylight Saving Time."  This is not true.  Although it wasn't used until 1916, who actually proposed the idea in 1895?






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