With the onset of winter, we who represent the insurance industry can't help but think about fires.

We can't help but wonder how many fires our company will have and how severe they may be.  We'll pray for the safety of our policyholders.  Of course, we'll wonder about the effects a bad "fire year" may have on our company.


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2019 LAUTUM Award Winner Dan Young

 2019 LAUTUM 
Dan Young with Executive
Director Jackie Rakers

 2019 Company Achievement
Heartland Mutual Insurance Co
with Chair, Mary Jo Robison
 2019 Volunteer of the Year
John Cratty with Executive
Director Jackie Rakers






This year will mark the 161st anniversary of MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE.

The 1920s, "Roaring Twenties", were a time of wealth and recreation.  The Macy's parade was staged by employees, many who were emigrates from Europe.  Their desire was to produce a celebration resembling events held in their countries.

The first parade in 1924 was called what?






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