Claims Seminar is February 22 at the Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington.

Call now for reservations at 309-664-6446.  Have you applied for the David King Scholarship?   check out our webpage that tells more details. 

Room cut-off for hotel is February 7. "This room rate is guaranteed through Feb. 7, but does not guarantee availability - please secure your room early." 


Click here to register.  Click here for a printable registration.

Continental  Breakfast and Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.  Course begin 9:00  a.m.

Department of Insurance  - Insights for 2018
IAMIC is bringing back Rob Rapp, Assistant Deputy Director of the Department.  This session allows members a one on one opportunity to discuss many claims situations and share different scenarios that we are faced with when processing claims.  We will have the opportunity for a Q & A session, all insurance related questions.

Round Tables  - Gaining Knowledge  
This year’s round tables will be on a rotation that will allow you more opportunities to exchange solutions and ideas with your colleagues.   Regardless of your level of experience, you are sure to have a take-away or two and maybe you can help provide the solution for one of your peers.  Join us for this exciting fast paced hour of fun!

Managing Complex Claims
Not all claims are clear-cut cookie cutter types of claims – which can be challenging.  Atty Scott Wing from Leahy, Eisenberg & Fraenkel will discuss some complex claims that affect our industry.  Scott will share some of the most challenging cases he has worked while teaching you how to properly document all files.

Insurance Appraisal
Unfortunately, homeowners may find themselves disagreeing with the adjuster’s analysis of the claims, where do we go from there?  Every policy has an insurance appraisal clause but many adjusters don’t understand the legal aspects involved.  Attorney Pete Schoonmaker along with Adjuster Jay Payan will bring the ins and outs to this process.   Knowing when to invoke the clause or when to go to arbitration can be challenging, but todays session will help you understand the process. 

It’s All about the Bins
Almost every farm policy includes a bin these days and we are almost guaranteed a wind damage on at least one of them if they live in IL.  When is it product failure?  This session will bring the experience of Jeff Decker who specializes in product failure and storm damage evaluations.  Jeff previously worked for Grain Systems Inc but now owns Decker Consulting and Investigations Inc.