The 2018 Southern Regional will be March 23 at the

Keller Convention Center

1202 N. Keller Drive

Effingham, IL.

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** Friday of Lent -- we will have meatless Lasagna  available for lunch. 

Registrations and Continental Breakfast 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.                      Education 9:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m.

Board’s Role in Strategic Planning/Establishing Financial Goals - This course will help understand the key financial ratios in the company while helping us analyze company trends and benchmarks.  Key Performance Indicators will help evaluate the performance of your company and identify strategies to help reach your goals.      FMDC Course— Finance and Accounting Module

Succession PlanningUnderstanding what succession planning/management is and its relevance to an organization’s present and future will be the focus of this session.  Our presenter will discuss the role of the board in overseeing a systemic approach to this process through training plans and skill charts for key positions.  We will also discuss how to develop a board succession plan and how to evaluate the knowledge needed.  Designing and developing written plans will be demonstrated so you can begin securing your Mutual’s future.         
FMDC Course—Management Module

Panel Discussions – Reflections of the past and preparing for our Future  – We will bring experienced managers, new managers, and board members to an in-depth discussion group pertaining to our industry.  It’s true, that often, experience is the best teacher.  We also know aspirations can be squashed and visions lost because of our fears of uncertainty.  In the farm mutual industry, it is imperative to bring fresh ideas to the table to find the best approach to achieving our fullest potential.  During this segment, we will discuss effective ways to blend the experience of the past and visions of the future for the benefit of our industry. We will be breaking this into two sessions – focusing on Manager’s and then Board Members, then bringing them back together for a final session.

We would love to have you submit questions for the panel ahead of time—please include them below or email