Several of us will make a new year resolution for 2020.  Many resolutions will be broken on January 1st!

For 2020, let us encourage our policyholders to make one very important resolution and never break it!  Urge them to complete/update a home inventory list.

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2019 LAUTUM Award Winner Dan Young

 2019 LAUTUM 
Dan Young with Executive
Director Jackie Rakers

 2019 Company Achievement
Heartland Mutual Insurance Co
with Chair, Mary Jo Robison
 2019 Volunteer of the Year
John Cratty with Executive
Director Jackie Rakers






One of our favorite heroes of the Christmas season is Rudolph.  As we know, this gangly, awkward reindeer saved Christmas with his glowing red nose!

What retailer developed the "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" booklet in 1939 as a free gift to children visiting the store's 620 locations? 


December Answer 

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