As winter leaves Illinois, are weather concerns over or just beginning for some of our Farm Mutual Companies?

Spring weather can be extremely unpredictable for our state.

To learn more about severe spring weather and ways to help our customers stay safe and mitigate damage when spring comes, click here.


 IAMIC Members attend CCP in Washington DC

10 Members of our Association joined the NAMIC staff on April 3 & 4 as we visit IL Representatives on the Hill. 

Congratulations to our 3 JOE REID Scholarship Winners

Abel Castor - Hamlet Mutual ~ John Elston - Mendota Mutual ~ Gary Holland - Jo Daviess Mutual 




The Civil War ended in 1865 and claimed more lives than any conflict in American history.  Beginning in the late 1860's, Americans began paying tribute to fallen soldiers.  Expressions of gratitude and remembrance are often in the forms of parades, memorials, family picnics, and visiting cemeteries. 

Although observed for over 150 years, Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, didn't become an official Federal Holiday until what year?


May Answer 

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