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We're excited to announce our first MyIAMIC Community Sponsor Event! Please join us on April 21st for live presentations from 3 of our MyIAMIC Community Sponsors; BriteCore, Venture Subrogation, and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Details and registration for the event can be found here.

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H. B. 5471 (Previously H.B.240)  - Amends contract terms when a P.A. submits the contracts to the Insurer

This bill was taken over by Representative Avelar and was able to pass through the House Insurance Committee.  With full support from the Chicago Public Adjusters Association, we are confident we can move this through the Senate.  Please visit our Advocacy page to find out more details.  Special thanks to Evan for leading this amendment and to John Cratty for testimony.  I would also thank our Government Relations Committee for all the discussion and guidance.