The U.S. Center for Disease Control has recommended canceling all events with larger than 50 attendees.  IAMIC is canceling our events for March thru August.

In today's environment, we hear the term millennial used a LOT!

A millennial is a person reaching adulthood in the 21st century.  This generation was born between 1980-1994.  Millennials follow Generation-X (1965-1979).  Baby boomers (1946-1964) have dominated society for years.  That's changing rapidly.

As baby boomers die off, millennials become the largest generation, partly due to the immigration expansion of young adults.

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IAMIC host weekly Manager Chat Sessions and to keep things fun, we add in games. 
Here is our Zoom Winners and our Sponsors.

June 10 - Heads or Tails Winner June 17 - Scavenger Hunt Winner June 24 - Poker Hand Winner July 1 - Bingo Winner
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   2020 March Article-Billing for Millennials





Beginning in 1950, income tax has been the primary source of revenue for our government.  In 1909, Congress passed the 16th Amendment allowing the government to tax personal income.  It was ratified in 1913, and Americans have been paying taxes on their income ever since.  

The first federal tax on personal income was actually prior to the 16th Amendment.  During what time in American history was the first federal tax imposed on personal income?