Everyone anticipates a fresh start the new year promises.  Every year we make resolutions, lists of things to accomplish, places to visit, and promises to keep.  The list can go on and on...........and on!

As insurance professionals, we should encourage our policyholders to complete a home inventory for 2020.  If they already have a home inventory, remind them to update it.  What better time to do this than the new year.  It can even be considered an annual "New Years Resolution."  One to never break!  

Our homes are susceptible to insurance loss every day.  Every season has heightened potential for disaster.  Winter often brings fire losses.  The wind blusters in for spring disasters.  Vacations and activities away from the home during the summer months put our homes at risk for break-ins.  By fall, extremely dry weather conditions create another opportunity for fire losses.

One thing we know for sure is our homes and personal items are always at risk for a loss.  It may be minimal or extremely devastating.

One of the best ways to be prepared should a loss occur is to create an inventory list.  Don't stop there, update it annually.  Let's say, "THE FIRST WEEK OF EVERY YEAR."  It can be considered your on-going New Year Resolution.  The resolution you NEVER break!

There are 3 very good reasons to create and update a home inventory:

ONE reason is to determine the value of your belongings.  This will assist you greatly to determine if you are carrying enough insurance coverage.

Another reason to maintain an updated home inventory is that it will assist after a burglary, fire, or other catastrophes.  We think we can remember every item in our home, we can't.  When relying solely on memory, we forget a lot.

Lastly, a current inventory will speed up the claims process in the event of a loss.

The internet provides several articles written regarding the importance of a home inventory.  There are software, apps, and checklists on the web.

There is no reason to delay, remind your policyholders of the importance of an inventory.  Impress upon them the value it will provide should a loss occur.  

Click here to access several websites for help.  While some cost, some are free - the most recommended free on is 

Encircle Home Inventory.