2019 Northern Regional  March 20th.  Starved Rock Resort

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Breakfast and registration begins at 8:00 - Education 9:00 - 4:00

Northern Regional Seminar Agenda

Board Recruitment - This course will provide a high-level focus on the important tools necessary to recruit quality board members. Recognizing the importance of board succession planning as part of a director’s fiduciary duty is key. Structuring the board to help achieve strategic goals and become “Future” oriented plays a vital role.  To help your assessment of your own team, we will discuss skills used when focusing on recruitment
efforts.  In addition, we will provide a guide to assist you in your board recruitment process.   

Board Meeting Procedures – Preparation of meeting: Separating the CEO/Chair role will help make the meetings more productive.  Distribution of materials/director preparation for a meeting: Understanding the benefits of board portals, Director review, and preparation for meetings will help respect each others times and make informed decisions.   Post-meeting: How to properly reflect the meeting in the minutes.    Meeting: Participation in-person or by electronic means, is it an option?  Should you use the consent agenda?  We will discuss the pros and cons.  

Roundtables  – Roundtables allow members an opportunity to exchange ideas and solutions regarding the day to day issues that mutuals face.            Following the morning topics that directly discussed the board meeting procedures and board recruitment, we are confident there will be a lot to share.  Gathering knowledge from our experienced members will help our newer members find ways to ensure their mutual will continue for another 100 years.

The Truth Hurts  – Ron Borders was the President of the Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies for over 30 years.  He will share the highs and lows he witnessed along with the facts of what it takes to keep a mutual in business.  Ron may point out some of the necessary changes we may need to consider when we plan for our future.  Our goal is for him to share signs of a struggling mutual to assist you in monitoring
your own financial health.  You will be a better board member after you attend this year's Regional, we guarantee it!

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To preserve the professional business environment, no one under the age of 14 will be allowed to attend IAMIC functions unless invited for a special event.  Registration implies consent for all photos and videos that are taken on site to be used in IAMIC promotional items and on the website.  If you wish to opt out - please contact the IAMIC office at 217-563-8300 or email Jackie at [email protected]