All Day Director Training

March 17 - Virtual

$ 50.00 Member Rate/$75.00 Non-Member Rate if you sign up BEFORE March 12

10:45 - 12:00

Join us for the day as we bring Kevin Kinross back to teach us about leadership in the Board room.  We will kick off the day with the FMDC Elective Class - COVID 19 and the Impact on Board Governance.  Leading your company during a pandemic has its challenges, this class will help your mutual stay on task and be good fiduciary stewards. We defined a fiduciary as a person who has the legal, moral or ethical responsibility for managing someone else's assets, how is your board fulfilling their roles?  Let's find ways to be successful...even in a pandemic! 

Enjoy Lunch as a board  - sign up 6 or more directors for a flat rate of $250.00 

1:00 - 2:00

We will bring Kevin back for the second session Board Meeting Procedures.  Does your company use a consent agenda? Kevin will review ways to ensure your meetings are effective and timely.  Knowing the role of the manager vs the role of the board as well as proper procedures for the executive session can be areas that some boards struggle.  Together, we will learn how to be the best board for our companies. 


TWO CE credits and TWO FMDC all for one low price! 

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