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Claims Seminar Agenda                     

Our Claims Seminar will be spread out during the month of February by allowing you to save your Wednesday's for Education! 
We have a fantastic lineup and it only takes a little over an hour a week to stay engaged and informed.  Our excellent education committee has found experts to share their knowledge with you - will you make the commitment to join us and focus on education? 

February 3    10:45 am - 12:00                 1 CE (applied for)

Claims Appraisal Process                                             Jay Payan, Payan & Associates

Sometimes the policyholder disagrees with the insurance companies’ valuation of the claim. One policy provision is in our loss settlement section is called the Appraisal process.  This course will walk us through the steps required and help us understand the process.  Our expert will share his experiences and help us understand its advantages and disadvantages.

February 10  10:45 am - 12:00                 1 CE (applied for)

CAT Claims -- Sharing the Tricks of the Trade          Steve Carroll, Jeff Blevins and Greg Gonner from The WRC Group

What do you do when a Catastrophic storm hits your company?  Being prepared will help make this incredibly time-consuming issue run much smoother.  Gather ideas from the experts -- those that have actually been affected and lived to tell about it.   Our panel will share their tricks of the trade that made the process bearable.   Who knew the term "Derecho" before August 10, 2020?  Now we know the damage that it can bring with it and our panel will share photos and experiences - you won't want to miss this one! 

February 17   10:45 am - 12:00                 1 CE (applied for)

Adjusting in the Covid World                                        

You just got a claim for interior damage on a property -- how can you properly document the claim, investigate thoroughly, and still protect yourself?  Is insurance fraud claims escalating both from the insured as well as the contractor as the economy suffers?  Insureds are requesting different ways to receive payments so they don't handle checks, is your Mutual prepared or capable?  So many questions that this pandemic has brought to the world and we will answer as many as we can! 

February 24   10:45 am - 12:00                 1 CE (applied for)

Changing weather trends - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly   Dr. James Angel, Illinois State Climatologist

Weather trends can show us areas of concern that can help us plan for the future.  State climatologist Dr. James Angel will share his data and provide us with predictions that could directly affect our mutual.  Looking at your claims history can show you valuable information and help you rate your risk. Unfortunately, we've seen the hundred-year storm, more than once recently.  Has your mutual reviewed the risk of all the areas you insure and will you be ready?  

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