IMPACT Society



The IAMIC IMPACT Society was formed in 1997 to recognize people that have had an impact on IAMIC, their own mutual and their community. This is an opportunity to honor those people that work behind the scene serving as a director or on a committee, making legislative trips to Washington D.C. and Springfield and serving the mutual insurance industry in many ways in their home communities. This Society is for the many workers that give their time and effort to make it possible for the officers to do their jobs. The officers have many chances for recognition and input. The IAMIC Impact Society is an attempt to try to even the score for the people that work out of the limelight.

The IMPACT Society has taken on the responsibility of planning a portion of the Regional Meeting Program. As the membership increases the Society will take on more tasks. There is potential for many more members as many of the directors and managers of mutuals qualify for membership but just have not filled out an application. Please take time to fill out an application and submit it to the IAMIC office.

Being in the Society is an excellent way to have input on the type of programs that are offered to the membership. A breakfast is held at the IAMIC Convention each year for all society members followed by a short business meeting.

Click here for details on membership in the IMPACT Society. Click here for a printable application or complete the On-line Application. To obtain a copy of the By-Law's, click here

IMPACT Society Members

Sandy Bear, 2011 
Watseka Mutual Insurance Company

Shirley Moen, 1998 
PLN Mutual Insurance Company

Kathy Bray, 2002 
Wilberton Mutual Insurance Company

Ronette Payne, 2002 
Frontier Mutual Insurance Company

Lyle Bruning, 2009
Town & Country Mutual Insurance Company

Jacqueline Rakers, 2003 

Maxine Bussan, 1998 
Jo Davies Mutual Insurance Company

Kelly Reagan, 2009
Bradford Victor-Adams Mutual Insurance Company

Rebekah Deters, 2003 
Home Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

Bob Reiss, 1998
Bob Reiss Adjusting

Bill Gorski, 2012
PLN Mutual Insurance Company

Malcolm Rowland, 1998 
Rockford Mutual Insurance Company

Clarence Guebert, 2002 
Horse Prairie Mutual Insurance Company

Richard Stinson, 2002 
Svea Mutual Insurance Company

Cynthia Hiltendbrand, 2002 
Kane County Mutual Insurance Company

Doug Sullivan, 1999 
Svea Mutual Insurance Company

Dean McHugh, 2002 
Carthage Mutual Insurance Company

Linda Wares, 2009
Mt Carroll Mutual Insurance Company


Jim Wright, 2009
Mt Carroll Mutual Insurance Company