2018 Company Achievement Award Winner West Point Mutual


West Point Mutual Insurance Company was presented with the Company Achievement Award by the Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (IAMIC) at their 137th Annual Convention in August. 


West Point Mutual has served Northern Illinois for 146 years by adapting to changes in the industry. Over the last five years, they have adopted a disaster plan, implemented a new inspection program and significantly increased policyholder surplus.  They expanded the billing options and redeveloped their website which also includes online quoting for their agents, meeting the needs of today’s consumers and their partners in business. 


Recognizing that their leadership could strengthen their company, board members enrolled in a National certification program that is geared toward Farm Mutuals.  Manager, Annie Kurth, said, “Because of the leadership provided by the Board and the Management Team, West Point has made some exciting progress over the last few years, better positioning itself to meet the challenges and continually changing environment of the mutual insurance business while maintaining personalized service with a small-town feel for our neighbors and friends.” 


Following the goals, objectives and action plans established in their five-year strategic plan, West Point has been able to capitalize on opportunities and strengthen its position in the marketplace to better serve their policyholders.   We proudly recognize them for their progressive efforts. 


Many years ago, farmers had problems getting insurance protection for buildings, homes, livestock, and machinery.  Therefore, Mutuals developed throughout the state to fill this void.  These Mutuals are different from stock insurance companies, as they are controlled by the board of directors who are elected by the policyholders, who own the mutual.  The first peril that was covered was fire, and then extensions of coverage were added including lightning, livestock drowning, vandalism, and theft. 


As time went on, the Mutuals wrote wind and hail coverage in combination with liability covered by a reinsurer. West Point Mutual partners with The Wisconsin Reinsurance Group to provide this coverage and to reinsure and help share in larger losses to give stability to the mutual.  As West Point expanded coverage, insurance is now provided to homeowners and farm owners both in rural and in towns of the surrounding area.  This scenario is basic to West Point Mutual Insurance Company’s operation to this day, governed by its policyholders through the elected board.  Loyalty to the Mutual has been very good.  Word of mouth has been a contributing factor as to the success of our mutual and customer service is our number one priority. We consistently provide insurance coverage helping to put lives back together during hardships caused by unforeseen disasters.