The Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (IAMIC) is a member-run trade association composed of farm mutual insurance companies, reinsurance companies, associates and suppliers of the insurance industry. IAMIC was organized in 1881 in response to a need for the farm mutuals to have a collective "voice". The association is dedicated to encouraging and developing the practice of high standards of professional conduct among the insurance industry and other insurance-related professionals.

The Mission of IAMIC is leadership, committed to the growth and development of the mutual insurance industry for the benefit of its members.

In addition to the above mission statement, the objectives of IAMIC are to:

  • Foster and perpetuate the principles of the farm mutual industry
  • Advance the professional competence of IAMIC members
  • Promote confidence and goodwill within the insurance industry and between this industry and the general public
  • Perform services to members as they may decide advantageous to their collective needs, from time to time, as may be appropriate
  • Communicate and cooperate with other groups and persons whose interests coincide with IAMIC members.
IAMIC is located at P.O. Box 116, Ohlman, Illinois 62076.We may be reached by phone at 217-563-8300 or by fax at 888-403-065 or by email at [email protected].