Support Small Businesses

IAMIC members have always given back to their communities and we want to recognize our own members who have small businesses by providing them a page to link all our members up with their services.  Click on the Logo's to be directed to their website, facebook page, or a pdf document. 

Pura Vida Pets Logo


Rod and Marla Peavler - Central Illinois Mutual

My goal is to provide pets with safe, healthy, and
environmentally friendly toys and treats.  My ingredients and the supplies I use are no secret. 
You should know exactly what you offer your furry friends.  


Randy Drone and Kyle Drone - United Mutual

Dinger Bats 

No matter what league you play in, or the level you play at, everyone should experience the same quality craftsmanship of maple wood that professional baseball players merit. Crafted in Illinois, Dinger bats are backed by our S3 Assurance:


 Legal Shield Logo

 Owner:  Tony Koehler, Western IL Mutual  

Unexpected legal questions arise every day, and with LegalShield on your side, you’ll have access to a quality law firm for covered personal situations, even 24/7 for emergency situations, no matter how traumatic or how trivial they may seem. Because our dedicated law firms are prepaid, their sole focus is to serve you, rather than bill you.  Contact Tony to find out more. 


Owner: Tony Koehler, Western IL Mutual

Are you overpaying on your electric bill? Tony can compare rates while still using your current provider for service. He would be glad to do a comparison for you - reach out to him. Click on the lightbulb for more information.

 Stella & Lu      Making all the soft and lovely things for your littles. Come check us out on instagram   or click on the link and visit the facebook page.  

(Daughter of Lyle and Lezlie Bruning from Svea Mutual) 


Java Momma LogoSherry Warren from Hamel Mutual is an independent distributor and would love to share her products with you!  Click here for more information.  The redirect will ask if you want to follow the link and you will need to click on it!