Congratulations to our 2023 Joe Reid Scholarship winner,      Dylan Sill from Heartland Mutual!

Scholarships for IAMIC Members

Educational Scholarship   
* The Board has voted to offer up to 3 scholarships for 2024 to help offset the cost to your mutual

IAMIC knows the value in staying aware of all the new and emerging issues in our industry and we have created a scholarship to help you stay engaged. 

This scholarship offers up to $1,000.00 toward any insurance industry-related course and can be used for registrations, travel expenses, and hotel.  You must attend the course and submit receipts to the association for payment.

Requirements:  You must be an IAMIC member - Regular and Associate membership applies. 

                          You must attend an INSURANCE industry-related event.

                          You must use the scholarship within 1 year of receipt. 

To be considered for this year's scholarship - Click here.  The deadline is April 15.  The winner will be notified on April 20th


Joe Reid Scholarship Form     Congressional Contacts Program (CCP)

Congratulations to our 2023 CCP Scholarship winners,      Tom Ruud from Town & Country Mutual and Kelley Jackson from Svea Mutual!


Joe Reid was the IAMIC chair in 2011 who unexpectedly passed away during his term.  Joe was a huge advocate for our industry and always attended the CCP program in D.C.  He recognized the importance of being a voice - being OUR voice - on the hill could help make a difference and it often did.  


The cost to send a member to the NAMIC CCP program should easily be built into every company's budget but sometimes a last-minute decision to attend or a hard-hit year of claims may prevent you from having the resources.  If you are willing to provide your time, we have the scholarship to assist with the travel cost associated with this trip.  Please complete the details below. 


To be considered for this year's scholarship - Click here.  The deadline is April 15


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